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Vinegar History

  • Vinegar in an ancient product. Its first recorded use was as far back as 5000BC when it was used to preserve food.

  • It has a long history as a medicinal tool dating back to 2000BC. Even today many take vinegar for its medicinal properties.

  • Modern vinegar making is a complex process and professional vinegar makers have been around since around 3000BC.

  • Vinegar is even mentioned several times in the bible.

  • The Romans also used vinegar to preserve food and on their travels to purify water.

  • During the Black Plague many people took vinegar as a preventative against the disease. The corpses were even treated with vinegar to try to remove the disease.

  • Modern ”accelerated vinegar making technology” was only really possible from around 1870 when Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (1743 – 1794) found out oxygen respiration was essential for the vinegar production. Louis Pasteur built upon this discovery in the early 1800’s in research into the existence of micro-organisms and first identified the particular bacteria that produces vinegar. He named it “aceterbacter”.

  • In the 18th century Hermann Boerhaave built the first commercial accelerated vinegar making machinery after discovering the rate of vinegar production is proportional to the amount of air provided
  • In 2003, Lirah Vinegar started in Queensland Australia making vinegar and exporting it to the world.