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Using Vinegar

Vinegar has many uses in cooking

  • As an acid it lowers the pH of your food releasing new flavours and aromas. Such as adding vinegar to chips or on a salad dressing.

  • As a preservative, it inhibits bacterial growth and allows food to be preserved. Such as picked onions. It is essential in the production of preserves like chutney, pickles and sauerkraut.

  • As a sweetener, mostly caramelised vinegars,  bring lusciousness to dishes. Such as caramelised balsamic in bolognaise sauce or sauces.

  • As a flavour, it can be used to bring new flavours to a dish. Like adding Balsamic to dressings, or apple vinegar to apple sauce.

  • As a vibrancy to counteract oily or sweet dishes. Such as adding vinegar to oil based dressings, or vinegar in mayonnaise.

  • As a deglazing tool, acid will help lift the pan juices from the pan and return them to the dish being cooked. The flavours of the vinegar being used further enhance the cooking process.